Ground Penetrating Radars

The simple to use, powerful, and intuitive ViewPoint Android App offers touch screen marker functionality conforming to the APWA standard for utility marks. All marks are simultaneously displayed on a Google Map in real time. The Google Map field sketches are included in an automatically generated PDF field report and can be emailed from the Android device immediately after data collection. The map will show all marks made, as well as the entire area scanned.

Markers can also be exported as KMZ/KML into Google Earth from the field. For those that want survey grade mapping capability the PinPointR is also upgradeable for seamless connection to an RTK GPS system.


Ground Penetrating Radar Utility Locator

The PinPointR utility GPR offers the best performance, a seamless user interface, and has more essential features than any other system for the utility locate professional.

The system was introduced as the first real-time digital dual frequency wireless system that produces unmatched resolution and depth penetration compared to older competing GPR technology. The advantages of the dual frequency system are clear. The higher 800 MHz frequency can detect smaller service connections as well as small conduits of any material type. The lower frequency 400 MHz antenna provides maximum depth coverage for deeper targets.

  • Simultaneously mark utilities from GPR data to Google Maps in the Field
  • Automatic field report generation containing Google Map, X Y Zed of all marks, and screenshots
  • Export markers as KMZ for additional reporting
  • Wireless antenna (No Cables)
  • Intuitive Android Device interface
  • Dual frequency standard (800 & 400MHz)
  • Compact lightweight design
  • DGPS standard
  • Upgradeable to full RTK Precision

ImpulseRadar USA offers NULCA accredited GPR training course

Our GPR training meets NULCA standards to ensure that users demonstrate the appropriate knowledge, skill, and understanding of applying GPR safely and professionally to locate utilities. Contact us today to learn more about the course we offer or to secure your place at an upcoming training event.


The Raptor GPR array is the first real-time-sampling (RTS) system capable of collecting 3D GPR images at posted speed limits. There is virtually no limit to the production capability on large scale urban utility mapping projects in terms of speed of data acquisition safety. The 450MHz Raptor eliminates the need for traffic control and minimizes the time field personnel need to spend in traffic to collect large volumes of data for 3D imaging of urban corridors.

The Raptor can be easily attached to any vehicle or ATV via a standard receiver hitch. The system comes with 18 channels and its radar coverage is roughly the width of the vehicle. The system is light enough for two persons to remove and load in a vehicle in between projects.

The Raptor Mini GPR array is the first real-time-sampling (RTS) pushcart system capable of collecting 3D GPR images for the detection and mapping of buried objects including utilities, archaeological targets of interest, voids, underground storage tanks, vaults, or other subsurface obstacles. The 450 MHz Raptor Mini system can be configured for up to 8-channels and is easy to maneuver in small areas such as sidewalks and narrow corridors as its radar coverage is just over 2ft wide. There is no limit to the speed of data acquisition, which increases productivity on any project.

All Raptor series arrays can be positioned with RTK GPS or robotic total station in areas of poor GPS coverage. Talon acquisition software displays data from all channels and depicts the position of the array and current swath of 3D GPR coverage on a moving map in real time while surveying. Post processed 3D data can be converted to line data for export to CAD for the depiction of utilities in a 3D survey utility/top map. The picked utility lines can also be converted to KMZ/KML.

Condor software is the most efficient 3D array processing software available. Condor was designed specifically to maximize workflow efficiency from the field data to the project deliverable. 3D Tomography results can be produced on a laptop in a fraction of the time of competing software and in many cases can be processed while in the field. This revolutionary processing speed ensures the data collector that they have collected quality data before they leave the site.

  • Intuitive easy workflow
  • Fully visual graphical workflows
  • Seamless export of line data to CAD or KMZ/KML
  • Supports all Raptor configurations

All CrossOver antennas are wireless which eliminates potential replacement of damaged cables in the field, effectively reducing unnecessary downtime whether towing with an ATV, towing behind a vessel, or hand towing. All systems available in the US are FCC compliant and come with a 2-year Warranty.

CrossOver Series

The Crossover series of GPR systems with dual frequency real-time-sampling digital technology results in incredible bandwidth, speed, and resolution for all applications. The enhanced bandwidth coupled with a dual frequency suite of antennas provides resolution beyond any single channel system. It can be used for detection of near surface targets and internal reflectors of interest and can provide maximum depth penetration for deeper detection of geologic features such as bedrock, voids, and overall stratigraphy.

The CrossOver range of dual channel systems eliminates the need to invest in additional antennas and is capable of unparalleled speed of data acquisition. The Android-driven user interface offers the user a choice of control devices from smartphone to ruggedized tablets. CrossOver systems have built-in GPS but also support external GPS systems for positioned post processing and analysis with ImpulseRadar CrossPoint or other post processing software. Depending on model the effective bandwidth ranges from 50 MHz to 600 MHz for the shielded suite of antennas.

  • Dual frequency standard for maximum resolution and simultaneous maximum depth penetration.
  • Wireless antennas at 70/300 MHz, 170/600 MHz, 400/800 MHz
  • Built in GPS or seamless RTK precision-standard.
  • Towable or cart option configuration.
  • Android based ViewPoint App


ImpulseRadar USA, Inc. is an authorized distributor of the EMLID Reach RS2 GPS systems. EMLID is one of the fastest growing GPS manufacturers globally and offers a variety of robust and very easy to use GPS systems for a range of applications. The Reach RS2 is of particular interest to ImpulseRadar customers as it is an affordable addition to the PinPointR GPR system and brings centimeter accuracy to the system.

Reach systems have the most user-friendly user interface for data collection of any system on the market and can be installed on the same Android device customers utilize for the PinPointR. ReachView software is the perfect complement to the ViewPoint PinPointR app. With the new mapping tools built into ViewPoint, customers can move from the already impressive accuracy of the built-in GPS receiver in the PinPointR to survey grade accuracy.

For the Raptor series the Reach RS2 provides streaming NMEA output for high-speed data collection.

The LoRa radio link data transmitter can work to distances up to 4 times longer compared with traditional FSK radios at the same power output. The LoRa radio system is used to connect rover to base when Internet-delivered corrections are not available.


Pocket-sized and lightweight receiver.

Works with NTRIP corrections

Easy to set up: just add NTRIP

Reach RX uses Bluetooth, allowing you to connect and start surveying in a few seconds. No settings to get wrong.

The weight of Reach RX is just 250 grams. Take it anywhere—it weighs less than a can of soda and fits in any glove compartment or a backpack pocket.

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